facebook asks the important questions

facebook asks the important questions

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Welcome to Night Vale - Cecil + Carlos cosplay photoshoot, en route to a ghost town just east of Lubbock, Texas.

Despite our best efforts, we ended up not being able to find said ghost town, and concluded that it does not, in fact, exist in this plane of reality. (Ghost of a ghost town???)

There is still plenty of desolate nothingness in the Texan panhandle for anyone’s flat-expanses-of-nothingness needs, however, so we decided to stick around and get the best shots we could of late evening in the Night Vale-esque town of wherever-the-heck-we-were, Texas.

Reblogging for morning crew!! (Also, hooray for being able to reblog our own blogs again! when did that come back?)

More fun facts about this shoot:

  • there were dragonflies, hornets, and asps everywhere
  • pretty sure we passed the rotting abode of at least one serial killer
  • and one beekeeper
  • so much dirt in my shoes. so much dirt. everywhere. in my teeth. oh the humanity
  • we almost got chased down by dogs
  • maybe they were friendly though, i have no idea. we decided not to risk it when they came trotting down the road after us so we jumped in the car faster than you can say steve carlsberg
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Tiger & Bunny @ San Japan 6 (Aug 16-18, San Antonio TX)

Kotetsu T. Kaburagi: mexicanime
Barnaby Brooks, Jr.: sorenhateseverything
Nostalg*a Cosplay: tumblr | youtube




Gluing flowers on tonight! (they’re being pinned while I play around with layout). All I need to do now is make the gold trim overskirt and I’M DONE PUNKS

San Japan is this weekend and I’m getting a lot done! Come find me and Joss and say hi!


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tumblr why are you rotating all my shit STOP THAT

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Collar and lining are done, jacket’s coming together

I debated for a while about whether or not to line the tailcoat, but after some Google image searching I’ve decided yeah, it’ll look better that way! So all that’s left is to finish that up, add the cuffs, and then the dreaded buttons that I am totally not excited about.

I’m putting snaps on the white straps and the belt (that I haven’t made yet) so there’s that step too

not to mention the wig which I haven’t touched yet ahahaha?!?! SHINING ARMOR WHY


hnnnggghhh shining armor progress

my gloves also came in! and they fit perfectly thank god

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movin right along

hard to tell from these pictures, but there’s a blue sash on the back sewn in to the seam, which will also be sewn in the mini-tailcoat (i’m sure there’s a name for that) seam, but the front white sashes will probably have snaps to just snap to the belt. or jacket. or something

i also sewed the sleeves together (2-piece sleeves) but haven’t sewn them on yet

i need craft foam for the collar before i can add that on aaaaaaaand i still have to cut out all the lining and sew that together too plus cuffs and buttons and styling the wig plus other stuff i probably forgot

san japan is in 2 weeks

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My cosplay for San Japan is still in a million pieces all over the cosplay room…I have no idea how this jacket is going to turn out but I have two weeks to figure out this costume so I better get down to business

Currently un-styled wig is a Helios from Epic Cosplay, and it looks like it’s gonna be perfect!

Pattern is McCall’s M4745, which I’ve used for like a hundred costumes in the past, most notably for FMA uniforms back in 2006. That pattern is well-loved. I actually can’t believe I still had all the pieces I needed! (though the instructions are almost all missing ahah..ha….haa……)

I’m putting the white ‘X’ and emblem on the front of the jacket, and the blue sash on the back. The art changes in the wedding scene from blue sash to white, so I just made do.

My Cadence is peonylang, and her costume is way more intricate than mine — I’m just the groom accessory!

- Joss

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A-Kon 24: Fire Emblem and Starfighter

Some choice shots of our cosplays + the Nostalg*a-themed bookmarks for the people who stayed in our room! (except Jen because I didn’t know she would be there until the last minute. Sorry Jen! I’ll make it up to you next time <3)

Soren, Abel: sorenhateseverything
Ike, Praxis: ninemartell
Photographer: Sean Sapp
Cosplay Group: Nostalg*a Cosplay

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